Brachetto - a Traditional Calligraphy Script

Hey guys I am happy to announce one of my largest project (after 10 moths work in collaboration with Leah Chong, calligraphy and lettering artist from Singapore With over 1200 glyphs, this Calligraphy script influenced by traditional script style with an added touch of modernity and flourished elegance. It features a diverse range of stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, standard ligatures and terminal forms, and ensures countless options for you to choose from. It covers all Western, Central and Eastern Latin languages and Cyrillic for Russian and Ukrainian.

You can watch the intro video here:

Please feel free to comment, share and or feedback it means a lot!

The font is now available at 20% intro off with promo code: cheers for a limited time!

Cheers and have a great day you all!


I am interested!

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